Monday, July 21, 2014

My Kids

Recently I took the time to take some pictures of my own kids!  You would be surprised at how difficult that task can be.  I often times get so busy taking pictures of other people that it's hard to bring out the camera for my own family.

My baby just turned 4 and I wanted to get some pictures for his 4th birthday. It's bittersweet for sure!  We attended a family wedding the day before the big 4th birthday.  My kids' outfits were coordinated well so I decided that I would get some of all three of my kiddos too.  Of course they wanted to run and play, visit the photo booth and get ice cream from the Cold Stone Creamery truck.  They last thing they wanted to do was take the time out to smile for pictures. Despite their many distractions they appeased their mama and smiled for the camera.  I'm quite happy with how they turned out.  I'm one proud mama!

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  1. Thanks Grace! It's fun when I get to do pictures with them. Not always easy but fun :)