Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Joining the World of Blogging

Drum roll please...Jacqueline Photography is joining the world of blogging!  Welcome fans!  I hope that you will find this blog to be a place where you can get a glimpse into my life not only as a photographer but also a wife, mom, mentor and friend.

How Jacqueline Photography Began

Since this is my very first blog I thought I would introduce myself!  It's probably quite obvious that my name is Jacqueline and I like photography...A LOT!  I've always loved taking photos, creating art in the camera and taking pride in the finished product.  A few years ago I hit the milestone "30th" birthday and thought, "What am I waiting for!?  I love taking pictures and life is too short to not do something I love!"  It was then I began studying the camera, learning how to shoot in manual, discovering how to utilize lighting, practice posing, creating contracts and the list goes on.  My subjects are often my children which is a journey all on its own! Now they know that when the camera is pointed at them it's time to smile!  After hours of practice, workshops and on-line courses Jacqueline Photography was created.

More About Me

I get giddy when I schedule a photo session!  This is where two of my passions collide...photography and people!

I like organization and may have OCD.  Organization makes me almost as happy as a photo session.

I hate to run but do attempt it from time to time just to equal out all the sweets I eat.  I love dessert!

A hot bubble bath and the perfect book is my idea of relaxing.

I am married to a very awesome man named Titus.  He is a 
college pastor and I love serving along side him in college ministry.  We have been married for 13 years.  He is my friend, love of my life and I still like him!

We have 3 very energetic children.  They have helped to tame my OCD and ignited my passion for photography!

I enjoy vanilla chai tea and love to find reasons to indulge in one.

                                                                                    Photos Courtesy of Kelly Kirksey Photographer 

Be sure and follow me on facebook, check-out my website and continue to read my blog to stay updated on "My life as a photographer, wife and mom."  It will be a hilarious adventure I assure you!  And if you have yet to like Jacqueline Photography on facebook I invite you to stop by, say hello and like my page!

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