Monday, October 7, 2013

When Your Wife/Mom Is A Photographer

I've enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember!  As a child I asked for my very own camera so that I could snap pictures of the people and things that I loved.  Now, as an adult I have continued to develop that passion and my subjects frequently are my husband and children.  They are usually great sports when it comes to them, me and my camera! When I have a new lens, backdrop or location I want to try out they humor me and smile for the camera, sometimes willingly and other times it requires an incentive.  I'm a mom of 3 kiddos and I have no shame in admitting that I use incentives to motivate them; especially when it comes to taking pictures!

Yesterday I had a studio session.  I rarely do studio sessions for a couple of reasons.
1.  I love the natural backdrop of the outdoors!
2.  I do not have my own studio where I can leave all my backdrops, lights and props up which means that it requires A LOT of work to set up and take down each time I have a studio shoot.  

After I was finished setting up for my session I needed subjects to test my backdrop and lighting.  My oldest son, Isaiah, willingly sat on the stool and smiled.  It was too easy!  His goal in being so agreeable was to stay with me during my session. When I told him it was not going to work for him to help me this time his smiles were gone and he was finished being my "helper". Here are the photos before he was upset with me.  He is extremely goofy and all about having fun which shows in his expressions.

Now that my son was finished helping me I moved on to asking his sister and brother to be my new subjects, but they were wrapped up in performing their own music concert.  How could I compete that?  My husband graciously offered before I even asked.  When he gets in front of my camera he makes me laugh every time. It is obvious where Isaiah gets his personality from; he is a mini replica of his dad!  I did not have to pose my husband as he is now an expert in front of the camera.  And those smiles...they still give me butterflies!

Titus claimed this was his "sincere" face

Since my family is very much a part of what I do I thought it might be fun for you to hear from the perspective of my husband and children about what they like and dislike about having a wife/mom as a photographer.  So here goes!

Husband Titus:
"I like that you find value in your photography.  I appreciate that it brings in additional income to help with our kid's activities.  And as college pastors we challenge our students to live out their faith in the market-place. Your photography is our market-place experience! I dislike having all of your photography props in our house, specifically a corner of our bedroom.  I hate clutter!"

Oldest Son Isaiah {9 years old}:
"I like when I get to go to sessions with you and meet the people.  I don't like when you will not let me come with you.  That is the only thing I do not like!"

Daughter Tirzah {6 years old}:
"I like when you take pictures.  I don't like that you are on your computer working sometimes."

Youngest Son Micah {3 years old and had a little help from mom}:
"I like when I smile goofy for the camera and can see myself in the picture.  I like playing with the photo props.  I don't like when you leave me to take pictures."

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