Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thane & Amanda {Married} Butte, Montana

In honor of Thane & Amanda being married one week here is their wedding blog!  I was so blessed to be included in their wedding as their photographer.  It is not every day a person gets to arrange a blind date and actually have it work! With the help of another friend, as well as Amanda's mom, we set Thane & Amanda up on their first date and have watched their love for one another grow.  Amanda is truly the sweetest person and is always so willing to serve others without expecting anything in return.  Thane is genuine, hard working and definitely smitten with Amanda!

Amanda was calm and cool all day as she got ready for the wedding and Thane was trying to keep himself busy so he didn't get too nervous!  I think he succeeded too because he was "fashionably" late for pictures.  But those first look pictures were AMAZING!  It was a cold day so I am very thankful for the incredible backdrop that was created by Zach Anderson.  It made indoor pictures 100 times better than they would have been.  And I convinced the bride and groom to brave the cold for some outdoor pictures and I do not regret it one bit!  Hopefully they don't either.

Amanda was able to have a special reveal with her dad and it was an emotional one!  Randy tried to play it cool but we all knew he was struggling with giving his only daughter away.  After a big smile during the first look he couldn't hide the tears and neither could I.  It was a special and beautiful moment. 

Amanda was given a very special guitar by Thane's grandfather.  It was a guitar that had been in Thane's family. She surprised everyone at the ceremony, especially Thane, with a song written just for him.  It was a beautiful song; I know I was fighting back tears while she played and sang for Thane.

The rest of the day continued to be a wonderful celebration surrounded by family and friends.  Thane & Amanda only had eyes for each other! Congratulations!  I am so happy for you both and I cannot wait to see where this journey called marriage takes you as you love and serve God and one another!

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